2017 Presentations

Catalytic Leadership by Paul Boos


TriAgile 2017 – Roadmapping That Works – Jason Tanner

T-Shaped People- Time to Get in Shape for Your Future

Why are there no women on our team?

TriAgile 2017 – The Adaptive Agile Business Analyst

TriAgile 2017 – Agile IT Operations – Getting to Daily Releases

TriAgile – Niki Kohari – Make People Awesome

Risk Based Testing for Triagile

Katy Sherman How Agile Killed Managers Triagile


How the Dude Builds Agile Teams_dist



Teams Elephants and EQ 3.30.2017 v1

Mindset – TriAgile

How to Get Automation Included in Your Definition of Done

Servant Leadership-ezTagile Triagile FINAL