Software Engineering

Engineering Value: Historical Patterns Enabling DevOps & Continuous Delivery

April 5, 2018 9:45 am - 10:35 am

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Christopher Knotts

Before the terms “Agile” and “DevOps” became common monikers, lessons from previous engineering endeavors were forming a rich source of lessons and methodologies to fuel both movements. However, often the tie is not made between those precursor lessons and the seemingly “new” principles and practices of DevOps and agile engineering. This presentation reviews those foundations, explaining why they are so critical to any organization which hopes to realize success with DevOps or Agile principles at scale. This is a fast-paced, visually stunning presentation – during the first 8 minutes colorful photographs advance every 8 seconds to lay a compelling and relevant foundation for the rest of the presentation. That foundation tees us up to talk about where we are now, and covers some of the most important lessons of just the last year or two for applying DevOps in a real-world practice.