Culture/Team Dynamics

HR & Agility – Our HR partner can and wants to help

April 5, 2018 2:50 pm - 3:40 pm

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Tony Register

HR function) to support cultural evolution to Agility and continued long term sustainability. Unfortunately HR is not usually considered early on in an Agile transformation when they can be one of the biggest impacts and allies to the success of Agile transformations.

Please join us to explore how HR teams can help seed and nurture the Agile mindset within a transforming organization. We will discuss some of the specific activities HR can and should participate in to support a long term investment in organizational agility. Let’s don’t forget about HR – one of the best qualified and much needed partners for the journey to agility. Oh, and HR can go Agile too by the way!

Information for Program Selection Team:
I have presented dozens of training and education sessions for groups of 40 or more persons. This includes IT, operations, HR, and college universities.

My 100 word BIO:
Anthony Register is an Agile Coach and Trainer currently working on an Agile transformation at Duke Energy in Charlotte NC. Anthony is a Navy submarine veteran and nuclear reactor operator prior to entering a career in technology. He is an experienced Agile consultant, trainer, and coach with 15+ years of experience in technology as developer, technology manager, solutions engineer, and various leadership roles. Industries include retail, energy, DOT, telecommunications, cable, and software services. Anthony has multiple industry recognized Agile certifications, a B.S. Computer Information Systems degree, and a Masters of Business Administration degree.

Prerequisite Knowledge:
There is no Prerequisite Knowledge. This session introduces the concept of organizational agility and associated culture change required to support the values, principles, and mindset of Agile. The HR support functions are not new, but we will introduce how they are incorporated differently to support agility transformation and human behavior (mindset).