Product Innovation

Innovation Unleased

April 5, 2018 12:40 pm - 1:30 pm

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Galen Smith

Scrum charts start with “Inputs from Customers, Teams, Managers, Execs” which makes a grand assumption that these inputs are well thought out and will deliver the best business value. Many times, however, these inputs are rushed with only a superficial layer of thought or investigation, which deliver more of the same without innovation. Design Thinking goes beyond the words “ensuring requirements capture the users needs and delivers value” that we are taught in organizational change management. Design Thinking provides the tools and exercises that dig into the users minds to draw out more pain points and help them realize more about their user experience than just a 30 minute discussion of “what are your problems”. The Design Thinking approach adds steps up front that take the team through activities that open up the mind and allow the creative juices to flow even for people that believe they are not creative. This creativity breeds innovation and is an element that is missing from many agile enablements. The majority of agile focus is on practices that support the execution without good practices that enable the innovation needed to make the execution something to wow the users.