Inside Out Agile Leadership

April 5, 2018 2:50 pm - 3:40 pm

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Adrian Dunston

We value responding to change in our software and processes, but how well do we do in our personal and professional lives? Can agile thinking go deeper than our scrum boards? Can we build an internal agility that affects our work from the inside out? Absolutely! Also it’s fun; and sometimes it’s hilarious.

In “inside out agile” you’ll learn:

  • A new model for your mind
  • How to maintain and improve your own thinking
  • Tools for running an internal retro and making helpful changes over time
  • How to positively influence those around you regardless of role-power
  • And recommendations for books to learn more


Adrian P. Dunston has 15 years of experience as a software developer, data architect, and software manager. He’s given talks at SAS, 3C Institute, and Netsertive. Building on material gleaned from over 50 psychology and self-help books, he’s given versions of this talk to both technical and non-technical groups. Here is some of the feedback from a presentation at Netsertive:
“It was great, entertaining, and has lots of helpful knowledge.”
“His presentation left me wanting more!”
“Adrian Dunston’s self-help presentation was one of the best single hour’s worth of material I’ve ever seen or heard.”