Business Agility

Patterns for Agile Product Management Mastery

April 5, 2018 2:50 pm - 3:40 pm

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Jason Tanner

This session explores patterns for agile product managers to realize their full potential with their teams, executing their own work, and nurturing stakeholder relationships to enable business agility. I’ll facilitate the session in five parts starting with a connection activity about product management in general to energize the room and allow people to talk and move. Then we’ll look at the various product management roles for different agile methods – the PO in Scrum, the product manager in Kanban, the multiple levels of PO in Scrum at Scale, etc. This part includes another activity for attendees to apply their own experience and learning about what product people do when they’re not with the teams or the business. The third part is similar but directly related to team interactions – what makes a great Agile team – product manager relationship? The fourth part focuses on how product managers enable or contribute to overall business agility in how they nurture relationships and communicate with stakeholders – internal and customers. The last part concludes the session with a final activity and Q&A.