Session 4.4 – Product Roadmapping That Works!

Rooms 2a, 2b March 30, 2017 1:45 pm - 2:35 pm

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Most product roadmaps suck. We’ll find out why then we’ll explore two methods to engage key stakeholders to build awesome roadmaps that work!

In fast-moving environments, Scrum teams can get lost in the gap that exists between product vision, product backlogs and task boards. A great set of collaboration frameworks can bridge this gap and ensure that business strategy drives market-driven, strategic product roadmaps while integrating diverse groups of the organization including architecture, operations and marketing.

In this interactive workshop, Jason will provide a framework for developing a comprehensive, collaborative, market-driven product roadmap that ties together elements of strategy, product features, technology, marketing and people into a complete picture that can easily be communicated internally and externally. The session includes an opportunity for attendees to begin creating their own roadmap, leveraging a proven pattern language for roadmap planning success.

Learning Objectives
Participants will learn and apply techniques to collaborate to create and communicate market-driven, strategic product roadmaps. Includes references and templates to apply the techniques.
Describe common roadmap failures.
Identify benefits of collaborative roadmapping.
Apply a pattern for creating a strategic, market-driven product roadmap
Demonstrate how to plan and execute a collaborative session to create a product roadmap
Explain how to adapt the roadmap pattern to a specific context.