Culture/Team Dynamics

Tear It Down To Build It Up: Using Agile in Construction Project Management

April 5, 2018 1:45 pm - 2:35 pm

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Arjay Hinek

Join me in a lively session as I take you through a global company’s experiment in melding Agile with Construction project management to create a hybrid delivery model. Operating on the philosophy that one must thoroughly know the rules before one can truly break the rules, we are developing a delivery model that, I will argue, is as true to the Agile mindset as is possible. From modifying user story mapping to dissecting and re-writing the values and the principles of the manifesto, we pressed Agile itself to the limits. I’ll share our struggles, our failures, and our successes. If you have ever tried applying Agile principles outside of software development, this talk is for you, and if you have ever applied Agile in software development, this talk will renew your excitement about the principles on which it is founded.