Culture/Team Dynamics

The Agilist vs The Data Scientist

April 5, 2018 12:40 pm - 1:30 pm

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Elaine McVey and Eric Hannan

“Data Science is way too-different from software development for Agile to work!” exclaimed the Data Scientist.
The passionate Agilist replies with supreme (over?) confidence, “Agile is bigger than software development, it can be used anywhere!”
Thus began the great debate of 2017 for this dynamic duo (us). Join us as we highlight our journey together of understanding the Data Science world and how Agile could be applied.  In this discussion we will relive some of the arguments we had through our Agile adoption. Some of the things we will highlight are:
  • Is Data Science work really that different?
  • Can Data Science be a team sport rather than a solo operation?
  • Does vertical slicing apply to Data Science work?
  • Kanban vs Scrum vs Agile? What works?
  • From this talk, you will learn:
  • Ways to apply Agile within Data Science
  • How Agilists have to think differently about Data Science