Culture/Team Dynamics

The Intersection of Agile and User Interface Design – Examples and Practices for Success

April 5, 2018 9:45 am - 10:35 am

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Ron Statt

Agile software (or product) development is inherently inclusive by definition. The team should include all skills and domain knowledge necessary to be successful from the start – but this ideal situation isn’t always reality. In many cases, an Agile team might not know the various methods and practices that can be used to include user interface design work in the backlog, in increments, or in releases.

This session will provide a number of best practices and ideas about how to integrate user interface design in to Agile projects as well as real world examples of what has worked well, what hasn’t, and how teams had to learn and adapt to each other as well as their processes.

This session will also connect related design theories and how they fit in to Agile practices, such as Design Thinking and Customer Experience (CX) practices.

While design is called out in this session due to domain expertise, the principles and examples shared could also apply to other software development practices or business areas that are sometimes considered to be outliers to the actual development work done by Agile teams. Additional examples of such topics will be addressed, such as Accessibility practices.