Product Innovation

The Process of Lean Discovery and Inception

April 5, 2018 9:45 am - 10:35 am

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Dean Harmon

80% of software created is never used. The key to building products is to build the right product.
Standard Agile practices which iterate through a release with feedback cycles before launch are highly successful when the level of uncertainty about your product is low. However, if the level of uncertainty is high, there is a better Agile approach to making sure you get it right.

In Lean Discovery and Inception, you are able to test and validate the product strategy, discover and validate initial UX designs and scope the priorities of the MVP. The model exposes key technical risks while establishing and prioritizing the product roadmap. Outcomes include scope and team definition, budget, and a plan to execute the MVP.

Welcome to Lean Discovery and Inception
This presentation will include:
1) Construct for identifying where you are on the uncertainty spectrum and how to effectively move forward to defining your MVP.
2) Insights from real-world case studies from various engagements.